didelių lempučių girlianda (6 m)
didelių lempučių girlianda (6 m) multi lemputės
didelių lempučių girlianda (6 m) baltos lemputės
didelių lempučių girlianda (6 m) geltonos lemputės
didelių lempučių girlianda (6 m)

Garland of Large Bulbs (6 m)

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  • 60 cm distance between each bulb
  • Each bulb has a garland inside.
  • There are at least 19 small LED lights on the garland.
  • The bulbs are: low carbon, energy saving and high environmental protection.
  • The colors of the bulbs can be chosen by the customer. There are 3 default options - White, Multi (Green, Pink, Blue, Orange), Warm White (Yellowish). Mixtures of bulbs can be made. For example - 5 white bulbs, 3 multicolored, 2 warm white) To do this, when ordering, leave a comment about which bulbs you would like for your garland.
  • Garlianda is perfect for Christmas activities, entertainment, lighting projects, etc.
  • The bulb illuminates itself at an angle of 270 degrees.
  • The bulbs are impact resistant.
  • There is a special connector at the end of the garland. Allows you to connect several garlands of lights to each other.
  • The cord is thick and durable.
  • The bulbs can be changed. They get away with it.
  • The price of the bulbs is included.