oro drėkintuvas su jonizacija np11030
oro drėkintuvas su jonizacija np11030
oro drėkintuvas su jonizacija np11030
oro drėkintuvas su jonizacija np11030

Air Humidifier with Ionization NP11030

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Air Humidifier with Ionization NP11030


IONIZER - Reduces ions that are harmful to us (positive ions) by producing negative ions - all pollution falls on the substrate instead of traveling to the lungs, and the air becomes light and fresh. Our mood improves immediately! We do not feel constant fatigue, sleepiness, etc. The ionizer will be a great solution, especially for people with allergies and asthma, as well as people who complain of constant headaches.


QUIET OPERATION – An ultrasonic humidifier emits a signal with a frequency of one million times per second. The air humidifier produces the lowest possible noise, so it does not disturb a member of the household - especially suitable for children, who are often light sleepers. The humidifier will not interfere with daily activities or work, it will just improve the quality of sleep and make the user more rested. The outgoing mist will help you relax and reduce the stress accumulated during the day. The device has a night light mode, where the humidifier glows with a soft blue light when it is turned on.

SENSITIVE TOUCH PANEL + PILOT - The intuitive digital control panel allows you to control the air humidifier not only simply, but also comfortably. The humidifier panel is very responsive, you don't have to press one button many times and struggle with setting the parameters - one touch is enough. All parameters displayed by the device can be easily read on the clear screen - even from a distance. To the set also includes a remote control that will allow you to control the device from a distance, which significantly improves the user's comfort.


LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION - Compared to others with higher power, our 25W humidifier is energy-saving and efficient enough to humidify and provide a breath of fresh air in your apartment, home or office. It is recommended to use decalcified or distilled water for the humidifier. The product has an automatic shut-off function when the tank runs out of water, so it is safe even if you forget to add water.


  • Power: 25 watts
  • Feed: 220 V
  • Sole: 3,2l
  • Max. area: 25 m
  • Efficiency: 250ml/val
  • Noise: 30dB
  • Ionization: yes
  • Working time with a full tank: 11 val
  • Dimensions (length / width / height): 22/17/34 cm
  • Weight: 850 g
  • Weight with packaging: 1 kg