usb įkroviklis qc 3.0
USB Charger QC 3.0
USB Charger QC 3.0

USB Charger QC 3.0

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USB Charger QC 3.0


A great and extremely practical car charger for charging USB devices on the go! Powered by a standard 12V or 24V car cigarette lighter socket (so you can use it in trucks too!).



  • Miniature car charger with 1X 3.8A type USB ports.
  • Miniature dimensions - maximum performance! The adapter protrudes slightly beyond the cigarette lighter socket.
  • Compatible with previous USB standards!
  • The charger itself adapts the current intensity to the device being charged, which will not damage its battery!
  • This allows you to charge devices several times faster than standard USB chargers!


  • Material: plastic (ABS) and aluminum alloy.
  • Interface: A type USB
  • Fast charging function: Fast charging
  • Power supply voltage: 12-24V
  • Maximum charging current: 3.8A with different intensity division
  • Dimensions: 60 mm x 20 mm