About Us

Business is like a family in our eyes. The biggest part of this family is you, the customers we work for and care about.

Our history

More than 15 years ago, our family started a business - Riki 2. The latter was extremely popular and at that time sold exceptional quality toys, clothes and accessories to growing families. However, when cheaper options appeared, the business died. A few years later, we decided that the product area for children was too narrow for us, so we set up a Topmix outlet, which usually contains everything. This family-run business has been in existence for more than 8 years today. A few years ago we were located in various Lithuanian cities, but as the family decreased, we had to reduce the scale of our activities. We are currently located in the URMAS shopping center in Kaunas, Lithuania, warehouse 16, in the eastern gallery. Having one of the largest stores in the entire mall and starting to grow as a family, we want to spread all over the country again and offer the best products at the best prices for our family. An impressive selection of goods is available, coming from all over the world. Among them, we get most of our goods from - Spain, England, America. Meanwhile, our main supplier remains the multimillion-dollar American wholesale network of quality, maturity and exclusivity. To save the whole family time, we open our email. a store where, over time, it will be possible to find all the goods as in a physical store. We ship to all over the world and hope you become part of this growing family as well.

Topmix is ​​a choice for YOU

The “Top” part of the name represents the high quality of our products, while the mix reveals an endless variety of products on offer. In this store you can find everything from strawberry jam to this year’s latest production TVs. We sell world-renowned branded products - Hugo Boss, Samsung, Lenovo, Apple, HP and a myriad of other brands / companies you may or may not have heard of. While the products are top notch, the prices are the lowest. We always offer lower prices than our competitors or even markets in other countries. This is no ordinary store with regular high prices. This business has been around for over 8 years thanks to our loyal and ever-emerging new customers.

We guarantee quality and satisfaction to our customers focusing on the customer, his needs and wants are our priorities. We want to provide you with the best and most suitable products, so we work non-stop to find and find the best quality and lowest price products. We will always help you choose the perfect product for yourself or another person. We will offer you an even better price, and if you are our loyal customer, you will receive offers only for you. If you have any questions or wishes, do not hesitate to contact us. Partnership is our future We are still a small business looking for a variety of services, so we need partners. We are looking for wholesale suppliers and also offer the opportunity to sell our products in bulk. Quality and price of the offered products Increased variety of goods, low prices and branded goods are our daily routine. Because, we are the only store in the Baltics with a contract with major European supermarkets. One is the manufacturer of the Kirkland Signature brand. To ensure quality, condition, functionality and authenticity checks are performed on each incoming product.

Why the low price?

The products offered are below market prices as they are purchased in containers filled with the remnants of various commodity items from major European supermarkets. The current supplier is located in Spain. Incoming cargo is always filled - household appliances, electronics, clothes, furniture, toys and perfumes. The authenticity of the goods is guaranteed by the supplier and the seller. Loyal customers have convinced themselves of the quality, authenticity and low price of the products we offered.

We hope you find the product you are looking for! If you have any questions, please contact us immediately. We respond to emails during non-business hours too.