mėnulio formos difuzorius
mėnulio formos difuzorius

Moon Shape Diffuser

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Moon Shape Diffuser

Humidifier with a large 880ml water tank to run all night and effectively improve air humidity. It would make a great addition to your child's bedside table or table at home or anywhere else you want a nice relaxing warm light.

This lamp is a miniature of the Moon, created using the latest 3D printing technology to show you up close what the real Moon is like. Every crater and curve has been carefully designed to accurately reflect the surface of the moon, making it look incredibly realistic. 

Three types of color gradients can appear on the lamp: white, yellow and bright white. With a light touch of the lamp, you can choose any lighting.



  • Mist spray mode: Touch the humidity control switch to enter the continuous spray mode (in the spray mode, the blue indicator light is on). Touch the switch again, it will switch to intermittent spray mode. Touch the switch again, the fog spray function will turn off and the blue indicator light will turn off.
  • Night light mode: Touch the night light control switch to adjust the lighting. Each touch changes the color of the light from white, yellow, warm white to off. You can also press and hold the metal head to adjust the brightness of the light (long press, light up, release and then long press, dim the light)
  • Auto-off function: will automatically turn off after 10 hours of continuous spraying or 20 hours of intermittent spraying



  • Charging voltage: 5V - 1A
  • Power: 3W
  • Water tank capacity: 880 ml (duration 30 hours)
  • Product size: 15 cm
  • Weight: 430 g