OttLite LED Lamp for Books and Computer

OttLite LED Lamp for Books and Computer

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OttLite LED lamp for laptops and books.


Not all LED lighting products are created equal. OttLite has set strict standards for color temperature, brightness and light output to ensure the best LED lighting.

It is designed to last at least 40,000 hours. OttLite LED lighting is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Plus, super-bright OttLite LEDs illuminate your reading materials, craft projects, computer, and more so you can easily see even the smallest details.

  • 3 power source options: USB Smart Connect, 3 AAA batteries, USB cable
  • Super bright and powerful Ottlite LEDs
  • 2 brightness settings - 50 lumens and 30 lumens
  • There are clips with which it can be attached to the wall and can stand alone
  • Smart Connect function - plug directly into your computer
  • The power switch is easy to find