Sorvella Juicy Peach Home Fragrance

Sorvella Juicy Peach Home Fragrance

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Sorvella Juicy Peach Home Fragrance


The Sorvella home fragrance collection was created for people who want to start and end their day with a luxurious aroma that envelops the interior of their home or office. An elegant glass bottle will complement your interior design. Home fragrances can be a great gift, which is very often chosen instead of flowers, because the smell of the home will remind you of you for at least two more months, and the fragrance is much tastier and more intense than a bouquet of flowers. Home fragrance sticks can also be a great housewarming gift to make your new home smell special. Definitely a great birthday present,  St. On the occasion of Christmas, St. Easter, March 8 and other occasions. Home smells create a cozy and positive atmosphere in a room, office or other space where we spend a lot of time and communicate with guests.


Manufacturer: Sorvella

Scent: Juicy Peach

Talpa: 120ml